My primary business is shared between two income sources from golf and nutrition. Being a PGA golf professional for 25 years I continue to teach and play competive golf today. I have always searched for high quality nutritional products that give me an edge on and off the course. The company I chose to endorse is called ARIIX.  It is my second income source and I use the products daily. Because of the company’s high quality products and their integrity in making the best products available my decision was an easy one. I choose also to share these products with other like minded individuals who seek the best as I do. This way I can make peoples lives better through my combined knowledge of golf and nutrition. To learn more and help others unleash the human potential for good look at the information below.

Michael Jackmack  


ARIIX Products Set the Industry Standard

The name ARIIX comes from the Latin root for the word “GOLD”. ARIIX’s mission is to become the gold standard in health and wellness products. ARIIX products exceed industry standards by setting the highest benchmarks for quality in the industry.

ARIIX Products are NSF Certified

The process to achieve NSF certification is costly, time intensive and labor intensive. Since most companies need time to “work the bugs out” in the manufacturing process, they wait several years to apply for NSF certification. ARIIX products have had NSF certification from the first day their products entered the market.

ARIIX Products are FDA Approved

Additionally, ARIIX products are not registered with the FDA as nutritional supplements, but have successfully achieved the much more stringent FDA drug facility registration. This is the highest level of FDA certification in the industry.

ARIIX Products Have OTC Certification

It is the OTC (Over the Counter) standard that truly sets ARIIX apart. OTC certification means that ARIIX products are manufactured to the same standard as over the counter medicines. Some supplement companies have worked for 20 years to achieve this certification. ARIIX offered OTC certified products from the first day they entered the market.


We’re excited to let you know that the Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG) recently certified ARIIXOptimals Vitamins & Minerals and Restoriix products as free of substances banned by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) and other professional and amateur sports associations.

This is great news! The prestigious BSCG seal shows that these products have passed extensive safety and purity testing and do not contain any dangerous, banned substances. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a professional athlete, the message here is clear: what you put into your body must be safe – and this certification gives you the peace of mind knowing that ARIIX Optimals Vitamins & Minerals and Restoriix products are certified and safe to use.

Professional athlete, MLB All-Star and ARIIX Athletic and Wellness Council representative, Wally Joyner, agrees:

“As a professional athlete, the quality and safety of the supplements I take are always a concern. Many athletes simply avoid supplements for fear of finding out later that they contained a banned substance or were not what they claimed on the label,” said Joyner.

“To receive this additional certification from the Banned Substance Control Group is one more reason I trust ARIIX. Not only do I notice feeling better and having more energy, but knowing that these are the safest products out there allows me the confidence to put my name behind them!”





Take a few minutes to watch the ARIIX Presentation and if you would like more details on the ARIIX Compensation Plan watch the video by Dr. Fred Cooper. The last video will show you some of the products that we current have.

Presenting ARIIX

Dr. Fred Cooper, CEO Presents ARIIX’s Compensation Plan

ARIIX Products

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• You are the boss
• You control your own hours
• You control who you work with (and who you don’t)
• You control your income
• You control when you get a raise
• You control when you take a vacation and for how long
• You get impressive tax advantages
• You can pass the business on to your loved ones
• You are investing your time instead of spending your time
• It’s Yours!


ariix handshake 243x300 Primary BusinessSimply put, “business” is making someone’s life better.

That’s all business will ever be. The further away a business gets from making its customers’ lives better, the less successful that business will be.

That’s what the general subject of business means, but what would owning your own business mean to you? Would it mean ownership? Wealth? Freedom? Helping people? You should decide this in the very beginning, because many times a person starts their own business only to become a slave to it. At ARIIX, it is possible to help make other people’s lives better and to obtain freedom and wealth while doing it.



ariix model 2 Primary BusinessSelecting the right product or service for your business

At the heart of a successful business is a product or service that people truly need or want. The most profitable business is one that has a product that is unique and consumable-or, a service that is unique and renewable.

“Unique” means the customer must buy it from you. Typically this is because the product is covered by patents or only available in certain stores or from select distributors. If you have a favorite restaurant, why is it your favorite? What’s unique about it that causes you to continue to go there instead of somewhere else? Make sure you have unique products.

“Consumable” means the customer reorders the product continually from your initial effort. This is a key component of creating wealth.

“Renewable,” similar to consumable, means the customer renews their service with you on a regular or consistent basis.

Your time versus a product

When thinking about owning your own business, it’s wise to consider whether you want to sell “you” or sell a product. If you decide you want to cut hair as a business (sell you), consider that there is a limited amount of time in a day – you cannot personally cut enough people’s hair to ever create wealth.

Yet, a product can be manufactured millions of times. Therefore, if you want to create wealth, it would be far better to sell shampoo than to cut hair.


ariix us birth 1940 1980 Primary BusinessIntroduce your product or service at the right time

The right product or service at the right time will create business success. Conversely, a product or service introduced at the wrong time will cause business failure.

The “right time” is created by supplying a good product or service to a huge and expanding group of people. This is commonly known as “trends.” Trends are created when a large or growing group of people needs or wants a particular product or service. The Baby Boom generation is the largest group of people on earth who need similar products. Therefore, they are the largest creators of trends today.

Immediately following WWII, the men returned from war and started families. Between 1946 and 1964 seventy-six million babies were born in the USA, one billion babies world wide. That was an eighteen-year boom in babies. The main thing to know is that the Baby Boomers are not only the largest group, they also control approximately 65% of all the money in the world.


To help you visualize the Baby Boomers, picture a basketball (the Boomers) moving through a garden hose (the economy).

ariix baby boomers Primary BusinessHere are a few examples of trends created by Baby Boomers: The first item a billion babies needed was baby food. Gerber became a household name by supplying baby food to this large group of new babies. From there, toys (Mattei, Hasbro), music (Rolling Stones), cars (Ford Mustang), fast food (McDonalds), homes (Century 21) and healthcare are all examples of industries and companies that have been created by the needs and wants of the Baby Boomers.

To ensure your business is successful, supply a product or service to the Baby Boomers. They are roughly between 45 and 65 years of age. What are they looking for?

  • Health and wellness education and products
  • Vanity products and services
  • Retirement products and services (money to retire, estate planning, etc.

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