Golf Nutrition

Playing golf at high level requires that you maintain your energy and focus throughout the round. My experience playing competitive golf has revealed how important these areas are to high performance. If you lose focus for few shots a round it can have a great effect on your score. There is much research on how to fuel your body for performance so I wont go into the details. What I do know is there are many products on market that claim to enhance energy and focus. How do you know which ones produce best results?

 How do you know if a product actually has the ingredients it says are on the label ? You don't unless it has certifications that back up the claims ! This industry is loosely regulated, any many products don't actually have what they say they have on the label. There are more than a few Olympic athletes who have been banned from competing because they took a product that had something in it that was not on the label. That is four years of training down the the drain because of no 3rd party certification of purity guarantee. Here are some certifications you should look for as a starting point.

As competitive golfers we want the best equipment, why not choose the best supplements. Now proper hydration is critical for performance, read a study that indicates that golfers hit 12% shorter and 93% less accurately when mildly dehydrated. Our cells are 99% water, our brain 85% water, our blood is 92% water, so proper hydration is vital and is a primary source of energy.