My goal as an Instructor is to listen first to what the student wants, needs and doesn’t want. Then my job is to help them obtain these goals. There are three things I am looking at to start . First what is the ball flight ? Second how is the club moving? Third what is the body doing to effect the the clubs movement ?  A geometrically-correct swing is the cornerstone of my teaching philosophy. The golf swing I teach is a circular motion where the golfer’s weight starts slightly forward and continues to work forward throughout the entire motion. Keeping the weight forward will help to ensure the impact position will be on a downward strike thru the ball. The hands should be ahead of the club head prior to impact and the lead wrist should still be flat at a point past impact.  The Geometry and Physics are the same for everyone, the anatomy of the individual player’s body dictates the actual swing mechanics. The best part is anybody can learn this swing young and old. The greatest players in history have used these swing principles. Nicklaus, Hogan, Palmer, Snead, Jones, Woods to name a few.


” After decades of researching, teaching and playing tournament golf, I believe this is the most efficient way to hit the ball.” Michael Jackmack

“If you are looking for a systematic approach to learning the golf swing, then Stack and Tilt is for you. I guarantee your level of knowledge and application of the principles that govern the golf swing will improve.

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