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Golf Philosophy

My goal as an Instructor is to listen first to what the student wants, needs and doesn’t want. Then my job is to help them obtain these goals. There are three things I am looking at to start . First what is the ball flight ? Second how is the club moving? Third what is the body doing to effect the the clubs movement ?  A geometrically-correct swing is the cornerstone of my teaching philosophy. The golf swing I teach is a circular motion where the golfer’s weight starts slightly forward and continues to work forward throughout the entire motion. Having the weight forward through impact position helps create solid strike on ball. The hands should be ahead of the club head prior to impact and the lead wrist should be flat. The Geometry and Physics are the same for everyone, the anatomy of More >

Ball Flight Basics

There are certain factors that influence where the golf ball travels after being struck with a golf club. It is important for each golfer to understand these factors. Many people play golf for years and still don’t truly understand what really influences the golf balls flight.


 The two most important factors in controlling the flight of your golf ball.

1) The club face. The club face has only 3 options when it impacts golf ball. It can be square, open, or closed to target line.

2) The club path. The direction the club travels though impact. It  can be straight, to the right or to the left.

The club face controls about roughly 75% of the starting direction of the golf ball with a iron, and 90% of starting direction with a driver.This means the club face is 7 times more important than the More >

Fly Fishing And Your Golf Game

Fly-fishing and Your Golf Game What do pro golfers do to get away from it all? Go ahead and take a guess. If you guessed fly-fishing, you were right! Pro golfers like Tiger Woods, Davis Love III, Mark O’Meara, Paul Azinger, Nick Faldo, Nick Price, Ben Crane, and even Jack Nicklaus get caught up in fly-fishing fever. And as you’ll soon see, fly-fishing and your golf game go hand in hand… The two sports share more than their ancestry. Both tend to appeal to those who like being outdoors and like challenging themselves.  Both can arouse a powerful, even obsessive, fascination among the faithful, as well as a never-ending accumulation of gear. Fly fishing like golf is commands complete focus and skill to perform at high level. The connection between golf and fly-fishing first struck me years More >
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