I grew up in Naples Florida. I knew early on in life that I loved the outdoors, spending as much time as possible outside. If the sun was up I was outside; so much more to do and see. I started playing sports at early age. My favorites were baseball, basketball, tennis, football and of course golf. I am currently, and have been for 25 yrs, a PGA golf professional. I throw right- handed, bat left- handed, shoot right- handed but kick left footed.  You see I play tournament golf both left- handed and right- handed. Between ages 9 and 27 I played all my competitive golf left- handed. At age 27 until now my tournament golf has been played right- handed. I basically switched hands right in middle of my career.

From this I have learned many lessons. At first the idea of switching hands in the middle of my career was a risky move. There were many who doubted my decision, but was not going to let fear or others opinion of my choice sway me. Also learned belief in yourself is very important in achieving ones goals.There were few close friends who supported my decision. Which brings me to another lesson learned. How important the word encouragement means” to instill courage in others”. This is one of the most important gifts you can share, the gift of encouragement.

After years of competing and winning professional tournaments left and right handed. My personal experience has provided me with unique insight and perspective to coaching and 

teaching. The golf swing is based on geometry, so it works same left or right handed. Also learned through experience what it takes to to change a golf swing. Takes correct knowledge, applying this knowledge in correct sequence (very important) repetition, and focused or purpose driven practice. This means having specific goal in mind, not just hoping it will get better because you hit balls. Making a change can be uncomfortable. Students will say this to me quite often ” when I do what your asking me to do it feels different, doesn’t feel right” thats the point! If it feels the same then there is no change happening. One more thing on change, it happens when you move outside your comfort zone and do something different.  You can move fast, exaggerate, do lots of repetitions and work on wrong stuff, that is not productive change. Here is an example, if you are looking for a sunset and your going east, no matter how fast or hard you going in that direction you will not find it.

My desire is to teach and coach others successfully. This drives me personally to learn all that I can regarding many subjects. Some of my other interests include fitness & nutrition, fly fishing,  kettlebell training, entrepreneurship, and personal development.

I look forward to sharing and learning.

Michael Jackmack